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Of course you know that most of the pictures on this website are pictures I have clearance to use, especially because I am the photographer who took a lot of them myself. Though I am not a fan of the smash and grab I do not really mind if you screenshot my photos, however, make sure you give me credit. If you want a picture with the best resolution sometimes it’s best to just ask how much? You would be surprised. That being said, I don’t mind comments but keep it cute or keep it on mute. These days disclaimers are very effective. I should have all the legal jargon up very soon! Hope you enjoy the website!

P.S. You cannot read these blog posts without having a martini in hand! Make sure you let me know how many martinis it took to get through certain events and read through some of these posts! That’s my only request! RHOA, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse, Tyler Perry’s If Loving You is Wrong , TMZ Live,, The Real , NeNe Leakes, Tamar Braxton, The Wendy Show, Steve Harvey, Cheaters, Dr Phil, Married to Medicine, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. These are just a few of the things I like to watch on tV . Yes all rachet! So sad! We will cover your event with our team of event reporters. We promise to get you national coverage. Media Takeout for sure! ;-0

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